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Clone Card? What is Clone Card ?

clone cards for sale in canada, Buy Clone Cards Canada. Credit card cloning refers to making an unauthorized copy of a credit card. This practice is also sometimes called skimming. Thieves copy information at a credit card terminal using an electronic device and transfer the data from the stolen card to a new card or rewrite an existing card with the information.

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From the perspective of the thieves, cloning can be a very effective way to obtain credit card information, because it does not require the physical credit card to be stolen. Instead, they simply use an electronic device to covertly scan the card’s information and copy it into the device’s memory. The thieves can then access that information digitally, or else download the information onto a separate credit card that is already in their possession.

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Once the information is record it can be transfer onto the magnetic strip of a new card or can be use to overwrite data on an already stolen credit card. For cards that use a personal identification number (PIN) number in addition to a magnetic strip, such as debit cards, the PIN would need to be observe and recorded. This is sometimes difficult to accomplish, adding additional protection against having your card compromise.


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